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Laura -Elaine

Lead Consultant

My Story

Thank you for taking the time to read about my story and visit my page. I was introduced to Scentsy by one of my friends, the first warmer I bought was the Whoot warmer ( I am owl daft) I tried the scent Pineapple Pucker and loved it right away, from that day I was hooked on Scentsy. I work my Scentsy business around my other job as a manager in a childcare setting, I love being part of Scentsy and most importantly I love how safe it is especially around someone who is blind, like my mum. I feel confident for my mum to use the warmers and not burn herself, or set fire to the house. I find it so easy to work my business with the support and friendships I have made has made it that way, there is so many different products and different scents you will find it hard to choose just one. Scentsy is different to your normal candle warmers, Scentsy is safe, using element or bulb to melt the wax and only warming the wax not burning it therefore making less likely for you to get burnt.

My Favourite Scents